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3 Great Ways to Get the Most from Your Entertainment Center

Posted by Ashley Wiglesworth on

The entertainment center—a central piece of most living rooms—is probably the most looked-at area in a home. Think of all the time you spend in your living room entertaining guests, gathering with family, or folding laundry in your pajama pants. Whatever activity you choose to undertake in your living room, one thing is clear, the entertainment is almost always central to the experience. So, when it comes to getting the most out of your entertainment system, we have a few suggestions.


  1. Furniture

When it comes to your entertainment center, choosing the right piece of furniture to hold your TV (and your attention) is crucial in creating a well-integrated space that feels neither cluttered nor empty. So, when you’re deciding on the right entertainment center for you, carefully consider your space, color scheme, and desired look (i.e. minimal or ornate) and select the right one for you.


  1. Organize your devices

Once you have the perfect piece of furniture selected and installed, you’ll want to make sure you’re utilizing it in the most optimal way. That means you’ll want to have all of your devices stacked and organized properly. Thankfully, as technology advances it tends to shrink in size, which means bulky game consoles and routers are becoming a thing of the past. Still, make sure your devices are stacked neatly and have a permanent home to avoid a cluttered or packed look.


  1. Make cord management a priority

Again, technology is a beautiful thing and when it comes to cords, we’re seeing more and more routers, televisions, and game consoles become cordless. But we’re still not in the age of completely wireless entertainment centers, so managing the look and placement of cords is still an important way to improve the look and usability of your entertainment center. To get a sleek clutter-less look use tools such as cord hiders, and zip ties to seamlessly tuck away those unsightly cords.


Of course the entertainment center is only as good as the entertainment it provides. After all, what good is a streamlined entertainment center without all of the shows, sports and premium options you need?

To truly get the most from your entertainment center, get in in touch with Microcom today and learn more about the amazing entertainment options available through our satellite providers. We look forward to working with you!

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