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The 7 Things From Comic Con You Need To Know About

Posted by Ted Sturgulewski on

The 2017 San Diego Comic Con wrapped up this past weekend, and with it came a barrage of entertainment news and pop culture punditry. What was once a niche convention for hardcore fans of “geek culture”, SDCC has become the event of the year for film and television studios to showcase their upcoming projects to the world, a world that’s fully embraced “geek culture” as the mainstream. Even premiere networks like HBO are dying to get their hands on some of that comic book content! With so much much news swirling around, we want to showcase the highlights for you...and yes, that includes the costumes!


Iron Man. Captain America. Spider-Man. You’ve probably heard of them, and they played a big part in bringing the superhero genre into the spotlight with Marvel Studios’ well received film series. The next movie on their slate is Thor: Ragnarok, which will finish off a trilogy of films starring the titular Norse god. Directed by Taika Waititi (who helmed the hilarious What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt For the Wilderpeople), the film teams Thor up with the Incredible Hulk to face off against Hela, the goddess of death. Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett’s performance as Hela is already making waves in the fan community, with dozens of cosplayers sporting her signature look at Comic-Con. Check out the new trailer below, and see the film this November!


While superheroes are a blast (and there’s definitely more to come), SDCC offers a lot more than just spandex and superpowers. BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is getting ready to debut its sophomore season, and the cast was there to do a panel discussion and premiere new footage to some eager and elaborately dressed fans. The show is inspired by Douglas Adams’ (of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame) book series about a detective with a particular set of skills that are less about finding clues and more about wandering around letting the clues fall into his lap. Starring Elijah Wood, we can assure you that the first season of Dirk Gently was some of the most unique, interesting, and downright bonkers television we’ve ever seen. We’d highly recommend checking it out on Hulu before season 2 debuts on BBC America this fall.


Would it be Comic Con without Star Trek? The original series was first broadcast in 1966, and it’s been a fan favorite ever since, spawning spinoff shows, books, games, and multiple film franchises. Now, CBS is set to premiere a new TV show, Star Trek: Discovery on the network’s streaming service, CBS All Access, and had the cast there for a panel discussion and the debut of a brand new trailer. Fans clearly still love dressing up as their favorite Star Trek characters, and can look forward to Star Trek: Discovery's premiere in September.


Just this week, Wonder Woman became the most successful box office hit of the summer. This November, Warner Brothers and their DC Entertainment division hope to replicate that success by pairing her up with her comic book team-mates in Justice League. The long awaited superhero movie has run into a few snags during its production, but the 5 leads of the film were at Comic Con to put any fears to rest with a fun panel conversation and a new trailer. Ezra Miller, who is set to play The Flash, joined in on the cosplay action by taking to the convention stage dressed as Edward Elric from the popular Fullmetal Alchemist anime.

Meanwhile, in an adorable moment that proved she’s a real life superhero, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot consoled a young fan overwhelmed and in tears when she met her idol. Check out the Justice League trailer, and get ready for the whole movie on November 17th! 


Stranger Things took the world by storm last year, so it’s no surprise that it made a big splash at Comic Con. The nostalgia packed adventure series not only had a panel with the cast and crew, but a full on immersive experience that transported you to 1980’s Hawkins, Indiana.

With season 1 recently racking up 18 Emmy nominations, excited fans were there to show their support for the show through their costumes, which ranged from fun homemade get-ups to professionally made nightmare inducing Demogorgons. They were no doubt excited to see the new trailer for season 2, which features Ghostbusters and Thriller, just in time for the show’s Halloween release date.



If you thought Stranger Things was packed with 80’s  nostalgia, allow me to introduce you to Ready Player One, a film based on Ernest Cline’s best-selling novel. Set in the not-so-distant future, it depicts a populace that chooses to live in a virtual world, known as OASIS, to escape the energy crisis ravaging their reality. When the creator of the virtual world offers his fortune to anyone who can find the hidden “easter-egg” in his 80’s themed utopia, a kid from the slums sets out on an adventure to discover the secrets of OASIS. The film is being brought to life by none other than legendary director Steven Spielberg, the man who’s responsible for so many of the films that the book (and  Stranger Things, for that matter) are paying homage too. The trailer gets pretty wild, with blink-and you’ll miss it appearances from characters like Freddy Kreuger, Harley Quinn, and The Iron Giant to name a few. While the book relies heavily on pre-established properties, that didn’t stop fans from cosplaying as original characters from the book!







The Walking Dead is a bona fide phenomenon. It’s been on TV for nearly a decade, and has kept fans in shocked suspense the entire time. The success of the show makes it easy to forget that The Walking Dead is based on an ongoing comic book by Robert Kirkman, making The Walking Dead a real cross-over hit at SDCC. While there, Kirkman announced that he was working towards a conclusion to the comic series. Whether or not this means the show is building to a finale of its own is still up in the air, but fans still have season 8 to look forward to, and if the Comic Con trailer is any indication, they won’t be disappointed by it. No matter what happens, based on the enthusiasm from fans, we have a feeling that there will be The Walking Dead costumes at San Diego Comic Con long after the show goes off the air.


That’s it for our Comic Con wrap-up! We’ll leave you with this video featuring some other great cosplayers, and be sure to call Microcom to make sure you have AMC and more in your TV lineup!

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