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Halloween Horror Round Up for True Horror Fans

Posted by Ashley Wiglesworth on

October is upon us and before you can say pumpkin-spice latte, Halloween will have come and gone. But in the meantime, all true horror fans will need their fix of creepy thrills and demonic chills. Luckily, there’s no shortage of options to indulge your addiction to the macabre. Whether newly released or well-known staples, there are some shows that are must for all horror fanatics this fall. So, when you’re looking for a spine tingling time this October, be sure to keep these shows in mind! 

The Exorcist

Horror fans’ heads spun in delight at the announcement of the television version of the cult classic tale of Regan MacNeil. With a whole new casts of characters—demonic and otherwise—the Fox series mixes nods to the original while artfully pulling in new sinister elements.

 The Walking Dead

With its 7th season set to premier on October 23, this AMC zombie apocalypse story continues to delight horror fans who aren’t afraid of a little gore. Already buzzing with anticipation for the new season? Not to worry, the 23rd will be here quicker than you can yell “CAAAARL!”

The X-Files

A classic mix of urban-legend, extraterrestrial endeavor and just plain creepiness, the X-Files is a staple of any horror diet. With its recent re-boot, horror enthusiasts can spend time getting to know Scully and Mulder all over again. For those of you that have already sampled the newer episodes, revisit the spine-chilling episodes of seasons past to get your terror fix.


Based on the graphic novel of the same name, this darkly engaging tale of a Texas preacher has gained ground in the legions of horror mastery. Directed by Seth Rogen, Sam Catlin and Evan Goldberg, the series gives is cleverly reminiscent southern gothic with enough action to keep things fun. While season 2 won’t air until 2017, Season 1 is worth a watch during the season of all things spooky!

 American Horror Story

By no means suitable for children, the FX series is ringing in more buzz with its 6th season, released earlier this month. While known for its shock-scare tactics, AHS continues to raise the bar in disturbing fright-fests and should make it on your must-watch list.


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