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5 Insane Game of Thrones Season 7 Theories (That You Guys Predicted)

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This Sunday, HBO will present to us the long awaited season seven premiere of Game of Thrones. We’re excited. You’re excited. Beyonce is excited. Since the end of season six, we’ve all been theorizing about the twists and turns show-runners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have in store for us. Knowing that, we asked you, the people of Facebook, what your dream scenarios were for the upcoming season, and did a little research to find out what kind of chances you had of seeing those dreams come true! Be careful, spoilers for seasons 1-6 (and maybe even season 7) are up ahead!


This one seems crazy, as Ned Stark’s beheading near the end of season 1 is what really kicked off the events of the series and proved to us all that no one is safe from death and this show is awesome. However, there’s more to this theory than just our desire to see Ned dole out some vengeance for what the Lannisters have done to his family. There are basically two schools of thought here, and both of them, while utterly insane, could be proven true. Keep in mind that this show is about dragons, ice zombies, and time traveling ravens.

The first theory is that Ned, just like his son, Bran, has the ability to warg into other creatures. Moments before Ned’s head was chopped off, he warged into the nearest thing to him… his own executioner, the blind and mute Ilyn Payne. While his head might have been put on a stake, Ned’s consciousness has been alive inside Ilyn Payne this whole time, giving him close access to the Lannister’s and the opportunity to orchestrate his revenge from within their midst. The big problem we have with this theory is that we haven’t seen Payne since season 2, but we also think Bran and his warging ability are going to play a huge role come Sunday, so we won’t say it’s impossible!

The second theory is that Jaqen H’ghar, the Faceless Man who trained Arya to be an assassin, was purposely imprisoned in the Red Keep in order to save Ned. He made a mask that looked just like Ned and took one for Team Stark on the chopping block. Whether he did it for money or the good of the Kingdom is up to you to decide, but it was Jaqen whose head rolled that day.

Then who was the Faceless Man who trained Arya, you ask? None other than Syrio Forel, young Arya’s sword instructor and undercover Faceless Man who escaped capture, wore a mask of Jaqen, and helped Ned escape to his home city of Braavos, which just so happens to house the headquarters of the Faceless Men. Whew. This is a fun theory, but it also implies that Ned wound up being a bit of a coward and went into hiding while his family was systematically butchered, which doesn't seem to fit his character. Also, if they were to reveal this to be true, it probably would have been when Arya was in Braavos, so we aren’t holding out hope for this.


Obviously, we’ve seen Daenerys fly on the dragons. Since we found out Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen  last season, it wouldn’t surprise us if he hitches a ride with them eventually. But, Tyrion riding a dragon is another story. It seems like having Targaryen blood is the key to controlling Daenerys’ babies, so, could Tyrion be a Targaryen?

The most recent clue comes from this scene, where Tyrion basically tames two of Dany’s dragons. Tyrion also says that he’s been fascinated with dragons since he was a child, almost as if it was an inherited trait. While the rules of dragon taming aren’t just written down in a textbook for all to learn, if sharing Dany’s bloodline is the key to controlling them, this is pretty solid evidence that Tyrion may be a Targaryen.

There’s also the issue of Tyrion and his “father”, Tywin. We understand that not all father/son relationships are perfect, and Tyrion’s dwarfism doesn’t seem to make their relationship any easier, but Tywin’s hate for Tyrion is so powerful that there almost has to be something else going on. Can you imagine how furious Tywin would be knowing that his wife actually died giving birth to the son of his political rival, Aerys Targaryen? And don't forget Tywin’s last words to Tyrion before he took a crossbow bolt to the heart:

When you pair that with this conversation between Jon Snow and Tyrion from the very first episode about the nature of being a bastard, as well as a bunch of hints from the book series, we think there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see a Targaryen family reunion between Jon, Danaerys, Tyrion, and a trio of dragons this season.


This one is something fans have been clamoring for a while now. While it would be so satisfying to see Cersei get eaten by a dragon or meet some other grisly end, from a story standpoint it only makes sense for Jamie to be the one to take her out. How tragically poetic would it be if Jamie, upon seeing his sister – the woman he loves, the mother of his children – go completely mad with power and threaten to destroy the Kingdom, has to kill her for the greater good? It’s essentially the same thing he did to Aerys Tygaryen, which earned him the name “The Kingslayer”.

All this is backed up by the prophecy Cersei was told as a child at the beginning of season 5, which said “When your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you”. Valonqar is Valaryian for “little brother, and although they’re twins, Cersie was the first-born. It seems like this theory has to come true.

But there’s the problem. In this show, nothing goes as planned, and “prophecies” are notoriously interpretive. Even the actor who plays Jamie said that “it’s probably too obvious”. Don’t forget that, unless that last theory is true, Tyrion is also Cersei’s little brother and has a vendetta against her. They might not even be talking about Cersei’s family! At the end of season 6, we learn that Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen, technically giving him two older brothers. And since they said “little brother” in Valaryian, the language of the Targaryan’s ancestors, we’d say there’s enough evidence against this theory to at least leave it in the “maybe” column.  


This one is almost definitely going to happen. Or, at the very least, it’s the one we’d be most suprised if it didn’t happen. The brothers Gregor and Sandor Clegane are better known to many viewers by their nicknames: “The Mountain” and “The Hound”. The Hound, while certainly a vulgar man with a troubled past, has earned our sympathy and become a fan favorite, while The Mountain has transformed into an undead Frankenstein-esque monster that’s just a bloody delight to see on screen.

So, what’s the most Game of Thrones-y way to reunite these two long lost brothers? A fight to the death, of course! The Hound hates his older brother, and while he’s making some effort to fight the good fight by joining the Brotherhood Without Banners, there’s no doubt that given the chance he’ll put that mission on hold in order to face The Mountain. A lot of people are clamoring for another “trial by combat” moment, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t among them. This screenshot from the season 7 trailer certainly looks like The Hound, and it could be setting up the Cleganebowl!

An interesting addition to the trial by combat idea goes back to the prophecy in the last theory; the Volonqar will be the one to kill Cersei. If she does get into another trial by combat scenario and her opponent chooses The Hound as their champion (honestly, who wouldn’t want him on their side in a fight), he would be “the little brother” who would effectively “kill” Cersei by defeating her obvious choice for a champion, The Mountain. Whether or not that’s exactly how everything plays out, we’re pretty sure that we’ll be getting some Hound on Mountain violence this season.


Of course they die! This is Game of Thrones ya’ll. No one is safe, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  As Ramsey Bolton said: 

That's it for your fan predictions! Don't forget to get in touch with Microcom to get the best deal on HBO with AT&T. With their Unlimited Plus plan, you'll get HBO for free and $25 off your monthly DIRECTV bill! Enjoy the premiere on Sunday, and let us know what you think!

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