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Why Football Fans Love NFL Sunday Ticket

Posted by Ashley Wiglesworth on

Why Football Fans Love NFL Sunday Ticket


Calling all gridiron gurus and pigskin purveyors! Football season is upon us—and if you’re tired of begging your best bro to record the big game, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to watch football—when and where you want. So, in between Facebook trash talk tournaments and fantasy football fights, take some time to look into NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV. We know you’ll love it, and here are a few reasons why.


  1. Every game. Every Sunday. 

We know you’re a true fan and one game just isn’t enough. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you get to watch every game. Perhaps the Falcons vs. Saints isn’t your jam. No problem, just turn to Buccaneers vs. Giants—no matter where you are. That’s right, whatever game you want, every Sunday. You just can’t get that on cable.


  1. You can stream any game on any device! 

Ever walk into the gym and they’re playing the wrong game? Yea. We hate that too. That’s why with NFL Sunday Ticket, you have the option to stream games from any device! So, the next time you’re in that sports bar and you’re less-than-enthused about what’s on the tube, grab a device, watch the game you want, and keep the pitchers coming.


  1. Step up your Fantasy game.

So, Julio Jones is your wide receiver and Russell Wilson is your quarterback for the week? No, problem. Watch them score big for you in real time. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you get to see all of your fantasy players every week. If that’s not enough to convince you remember your can upgrade to NFL Sunday Ticket Max and get access to fantasy zone—that’s “Belichick Yo’ Self” for the win!


  1. Tailgate at home.

With access to every game, your friends will be abuzz with excitement. So, no more dumpy sports bar or packed parking lot. NFL Sunday Ticket brings the tailgate home—you’ll be the talk of the town (or at least the neighborhood). The only downside: you might run out of chili.  


There’s a million reasons why NFL Sunday Ticket is a true football fan’s dream. If these sound good to you, get in touch with Microcom today to find out more reasons and get the football season hook-up!

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